Brain Store

If you are an employer with a need for a progressive nimble and responsive approach to contract and full-time hiring we need to talk! We are experts at matching people with positions and can ease your hiring and contract management workload in significant ways.

Make sure to also check out our Brain School – and help keep your staff on the leading edge of developments in Marketing Information, Research, and Analytics.

Our Brain Store process includes a number of unique features created to ensure your success:

  • Access to our pre-screened network of highly qualified and available candidates
  •  Customized and focused position posting and advertising
  •  Innovative skills, competency and performance evaluation using the Wonderlic system
  •  Employee management support services including reference checks, payroll, and provision of insurance
  •  Very competitive rates for retainer and contingency relationships

We guarantee that our proven placement process will produce excellent results for you. Brainiac’s mission is to help you find the right hire at the right time for the right length of time.

If you have a current specific need, please give us some initial information by clicking on the button below and filling out the Inquiry Form. We will get back you promptly.

Brain Store Inquiry Form

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